Citizens Advice Mid Lincolnshire

Our Money Advice Team is made up of two Money Advisors who provide debt and money advice and support across Boston, Sleaford, North Hykeham and their rural communities.

What we do

We give free, impartial and confidential Money Advice. We are proud to be funded by EMMA and MAPS. As debt advisers, we look at your whole financial situation and at how we can improve it. We look at what money you have coming in and how can we increase it, as well as what money is going out and how can we reduce it.

We will look at your debts in detail and explore all appropriate options. We can then help you to put your chosen plan into action. As well as dealing with your debts, we can help you look at your spending and offer support with managing your budget.

Who we see

There are no eligibility requirements for a debt appointment. As long as you are over the age of 18 we can provide you with help.

Who else we involve

When we explore your debt and financial situation, we also take a look at any other issues that could be affecting your financial position. If needed, our expert team of advisers are able to signpost you to other agencies who will be able to offer you additional support in other areas outside of debt.

Before your Money Advice Appointment

Before your Money Advice Appointment we will need you to complete our Welcome Pack which consists of;

a. Consent forms

b. A Money Advice pack to fill out your income and outgoings,

c. Send us any documentation listed on the Pre Appointment information sheet including a copy of Photo ID and your last 3 months bank statements.

It’s important that we get these documents before your appointment so your Money Advisor is able to give you full, comprehensive advice and you can make the most out of your appointment time.

The best way to get these documents to us is to email copies of them to